Telework Clarification

Yesterday, I highlighted the words of a Judge who exhorted his office colleagues to schedule as many hearings as they responsibly could, but not to the detriment of foregoing leave.  This Judge scheduled an average of 45 cases a month.  He continued to have his telework approved because his HOCALJ followed the guidance of the Chief Judge’s office and took all factors into consideration – including that in the previous telework period he had scheduled an average of 50 cases a month despite that the quota at that time was 45; that he issues 500 dispositions annually; and that he picks up hearings for judges who are unavailable, thus increasing his number of hearings.

AALJ does not agree that 50 hearings a month is reasonable and we are vigorously opposing the agency through arbitration. In the meantime, however, HOCALJs should comply with the official guidance of taking all factors and circumstances into consideration in order to approve telework.


I have attached a survey that I am asking all judges – except HOCALJs – to complete on a daily basis for the next four weeks.  If you will be on leave for some of that period, please just complete it for the days you are working.

This anonymous survey require very little time to complete each day during the period February 20 through March 19.  Just open it up in the morning when you get in, place a number in the appropriate category when a problem occurs, and save the document during the day.  The completed surveys will be sent to a central email address.

I greatly appreciate your participation.  Please contact your Regional Vice President if you have any questions come up when you are completing the form.

In Solidarity,