Forty-Seven U.S. Senators Ask Commissioner to Return  to Bargaining  Table

This week, forty-seven U.S. Senators wrote Commissioner Saul, expressing their “dismay that the Social Security Administration (SSA) refuses to bargain in good faith with union representatives.” They cited SSA’s attempt to remove references to the Administrative Procedure Act and eliminate references to our judicial function. “IFPTE’s collective bargaining agreement enables these judges to protect and preserve their judicial independence, in this way helping to ensure the due process rights of disability claimants.”

We are sincerely grateful for this letter. Maryland Senators Cardin and Van Hollen took the lead. In fact, our Legislative Chair Gabrielle Vitellio spoke with both senators about the letter, and explained that the American public must not be the collateral damage of the agency’s attempt to eliminate unions. It is clear all who signed understand the critical work we do for the American public. You can read the letter here.

We look forward to hearing from Commissioner Saul and finding common ground to ensure we provide the best possible public service.

Melissa McIntosh
AALJ President