Join the ABA Today!

We are pleased to announce that the ABA is offering our members an introductory annual membership rate of $120. You may submit a check made payable to the American Bar Association to the following address:

Attn. Judge Danette Mincey
6218 Georgia Avenue NW Ste 1 – 447
Washington DC 20011-5125a

This offer includes membership in the National Conference of the Administrative Law Judiciary (NCALJ), which is a conference of the Judicial Division of the American Bar Association. Judge Mincey, our executive vice president, is a senior advisor to their board.

Like the AALJ, the NCALJ is committed to advocating for judicial independence for administrative law judges. It’s important that we partner with the ABA, as it is a powerful voice on judicial concerns.

I hope everyone has a wonderful Memorial Day weekend. Melissa

Melissa McIntosh
AALJ President