President’s Newsletter – January 2, 2019


Happy New Year! The new AALJ Board is excited to begin our term. We would like to thank the outgoing members for their service.

We are committed to advocating for judges’ ability to ensure the due process rights of all of our claimants, as well as committed to advocating for the tools and support necessary to issue legally sufficient decisions. We recognize the importance of the work we do because we recognize the importance of our claimants.

We are hopeful to work collaboratively with management to ensure the claimants’ due process rights. We are eager to foster a respectful work environment that recognizes that judges are professionals. The work we do is too important to be based on production and scheduling quotas. Still, we recognize the claimants need resolution of their claims. We are committed to striking the right balance that puts claimants’ due process rights first. The American public deserves nothing less. We are asking management to help us do just that.

We have inherited numerous pending arbitrations at various stages. It is our hope that we can fairly resolve disputes, and reestablish a productive labor management relationship. Based on my background as a federal sector labor attorney, I know that this is possible. The new AALJ board will do our part. We will soon be going into contract negotiations. Look for a survey asking for your priorities.

Call for Volunteers

Have you ever worked for the FLRA? Have you represented either a federal sector union or federal agency in grievances, arbitrations, unfair labor practices? Have you worked for or practiced before the MSPB? We need your expertise. Please email both Exec. VP Judge Danette Mincey and me with your interest and resume. Official time is available.

Do you have an interest in serving the union in a committee roll? Opportunities related to technology, website, conferences, finance, legislative, health and safety, etc. are available. Please send an email of interest and a resume to Judge Mincey and me.

Is there a Local Area Representative (LAR) in your office? Would you consider becoming one? LARs play an important role in resolving issues before they become problems. Please reach out to me, Judge Mincey and your Regional VP if you are interested.

We are here to serve you. If you have any concerns, we encourage you to reach out to your LAR and your Regional VPs, but know that the National Executive Committee, which includes Judges Mincey, Evans, Holmes and me, are always available.

Let’s get started. We have heard from you and are ready to take a new direction in this New Year.

AALJ President Melissa McIntosh