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AALJ "Union 101" Conference at the Sirata Resort in St. Petersburg Beach, Florida October 9-12, 2020. Click the picture below to check out the Sirata.

This year, in response to the unprecedented assault on decisional independence and federal sector unions, our theme is Union 101. Learn what it means to be a part of union, and how to support our collective efforts to secure our positions and ensure due process rights for all claimants.Call 800-344-5999 to reserve your room. Ask for the AALJ 2020 Conference Group Block.

About AALJ

As the men and women who comprise the corps of Administrative Law Judges, we recognize that an Administrative Law Judge must uphold the integrity and independence of the administrative judiciary.

An independent and honorable administrative judiciary is indispensable to justice in our society. Administrative Law Judges have the authority to conduct constitutional due process hearings under the process provided by the Administrative Procedure Act. Administrative Law Judges should participate in establishing, maintaining, enforcing, and observing high standards of conduct, so that the integrity and independence of the administrative judiciary may be preserved.

Women Shaping the FUTURE!

Women Shaping the FUTURE!

Attending the 2019 IFPTE Legislative Conference.

The Honorable Kasandra Robinson Styles (L)
President, Merit System Protection Board Professional Association

The Honorable A. Ashley Tabaddor, (C)
President, The National Association of Immigration Judges

The Honorable Melissa McIntosh (R)
President, Association of Administrative Law Judges